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How do you leaven your breads?

We use natural starters to leaven our hearth breads and other baked goods that we sell.

What is a natural starter?

A sourdough starter is just a simple dough of flour, water, microscopic yeast present in the air, and lactic bacteria (similar to what is in yogurt), that is fermented. We keep it alive by refreshing it with organic flour and water. We feed it several times a day, which contributes greatly to the flavor, texture, digestibility and keeping quality (freshness) of our breads.

What ingredients do you use to make your breads and other baked goods?

Flour, water, and salt are the basic ingredients that we use to make our breads. We source organic and local ingredients whenever possible. We take into consideration the purity of every ingredient we use, and never compromise quality for price.

How are your breads made?

All of our doughs are mixed in small batches and shaped by hand.

How do you store sourdough bread?

To store your bread just cover with a cotton or linen towel cut side down on your cutting board. It should be fine for about four days. If the bread becomes a little hard simply spray with water and pop into a hot oven for a few minutes. If the size of our loaf is more than you can eat, cut it in half, wrap first in plastic, then in a foil wrap and freeze.

Where can you purchase our sourdough breads and other artisan baked goods?

Our hearth breads and other artisan baked goods can be special ordered at this time. We will shortly be in local farmer’s markets.